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Founding new companies

Founding a new company is almost like the birth of a baby: it is a welcome and warmly anticipated event, but it also requires a lot of homework and preparation to ensure the best possible future for the child. The same applies to the founding of a company. It is a long-term process  that also requires, besides the great idea, lots of planning, analysis and paperwork for the registration and starting of the company.

Setting up companies is, for us, something we do every day. If you set up your company with our help you will get fast and correct service for a reasonable price. If you have e-residency there is no need to be present in Estonia – all procedures can be made online.

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Setting up a new company – where to start?

The amount of share capital and the value of the shares, whether the share capital will be paid up or not – all these decisions have to be made as well. Articles of association have to be drawn up, along with the memorandum of association and the accounting policies and procedures.

Setting up a new company – we can save you time!

ettevõtte-asutamineAll these activities are time-consuming for a novice entrepreneur, requiring careful consideration and planning. But time is the most important asset of all. Our extensive experience can help you manage the procedures needed for founding a company. Why struggle with documents on your own and try to navigate your way through the various authorities? It would make sense to focus on your work and let us handle the paperwork.

Before starting the procedure, we will sit down with the client and discuss the exact plans and legal circumstances for the start-up company.

But for establishing with single founder without the share capital paid in company we suggest and recommend to use Unicount´s service. If You do, then there´s no need to compile the articles of association yourself and You could register Your company in five minutes.

We will help you with any aspects of founding the company:

  • Consultation about founding the company
  • Review of legal data
  • Drawing up the memorandum and articles of association
  • Organising the accounting
  • Registration of the enterprise in the commercial register and paying the state fee
  • VAT registration when needed
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