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Accounting service for our clients

Thank you for having interest for our service. Pallas & Partnerid OÜ is providing accounting services in Estonia since 2003.

We offer a price starting from 99€ per month (the VAT 20% will be added) for accounting service to a starting company.

Monthly payment includes:

  • entering up to 25 accounting documents into accounting software;
  • environment for sales invoices and support for e-invoices;
  • accounting consultations if needed up to 15 minutes per month;
  • regular tax declarations (income and social tax and VAT return declaration);
  • reporting.

Additional services:

  • salary calculations for 10€ per employee;
  • every additional accounting document for 2€, in the case of a summary report (eg. sales report), a extra price will be agreed;
  • compiling an annual report with a price of the monthly fee;
  • software considering the company´s specifics, approval workflow for invoices and bank interface;
  • accounting consultations fee after 15 minutes is 120€ per hour;
  • other additional services according to customers wish with a price 55€ per hour.

Our accounting service is paper free. It means all the accounting documents could be whether e-invoices, pdf- invoices or picture files. During the contract period we archive the accounting documents and make sure the documents are preserved till the date according to the law.

To guarantee client’s safety we have concluded liability insurance of 150 000€, that will compensate losses which are a consequence by our mistake.

If you’re happy with our offer please confirm and we’ll get in touch soon.

Confirm the offer

In case your company needs accounting services beyond the limits set by our packages, please contact us. We gladly consider your needs and make you a personalised offer. Please let us know about your need by filling in a form here.

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