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Tax counselling

Business and taxes are inextricably linked. About a third of a company’s income goes to taxes, thus it is only natural that every company would like to pay as little in the form of taxes as possible, and only as much as needed. Skilful tax planning makes it possible to optimize taxes and helps improve the management of the company’s resources.

Getting to know tax laws, and staying abreast of changes, is a time-consuming additional task for the manager of a company. Besides, there is often room for different interpretations of tax laws and it is complicated to find the most effective solution for a company.

Professional tax counselling is a solution for optimising and managing taxes. Expert advice helps you to make better decisions and analyse the tax situation related to the company’s transactions.

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Tax counselling – fast expert answers

MaksunõustamineWe can help you with all aspects of taxation. Our accountant will study the specifics of your operations and offer you the best advice for the issue at hand. We provide advice for specific taxation issues and help you with routine tax arrangements.

We offer counselling about changes in tax laws, to help you avoid any extra costs and provide a sense of security that you are making the right choices. We can also prepare additional statements and enter tax transactions, when necessary.

We cooperate with expert and experienced tax counsellors who can offer quick and knowledgeable solutions.

Tax counselling services

Our accountants can offer advice if you need assistance with:

  • Issues related to VAT (both inside and outside the EU)
  • Specific benefits and compensation issues (postings, subsistence allowances, travel expenses)
  • Various compensations (postings, subsistence allowances, travel expenses)
  • The purchase and sale of assets
  • Estimating operating costs

Why choose our tax counselling?

  • Long-term experience in tax counselling
  • Competent solutions for all kinds of tax issues
  • Professional and well trained accountants
  • Close cooperation with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  • Membership in the Estonian Taxpayers Association

Tax counselling is an efficient tool for reducing costs and the better management of resources. Come for a consultation and get a firm grip on managing your company’s taxes skilfully!

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